Hard work and foresight on the part of Pat and Keith, together with the assistance of conservation minded fellow nudists, has produced a unique coastal sand dune and bush environment. Sunland is the home of a wide variety of flora and fauna. Wildlife is abundant, kangaroos and wombats visit the camp every day and echidna are often spotted around the grounds. Emu tracks are often seen on"Big Bertha", the largest dune on the property but sightings are usually a glimpse of the tail end disappearing over the dunes. At various times of the year you can see sea lions and fur seals along the beach and Southern Right whales were recently spotted inside the reef. The occasional snake wanders by but if left alone they are not a problem and are probably more frightened of us than we are of them. You can often find several varieties of lizards around the camp sunning themselves on the tree stumps. The smaller birds of Sunland are far from reclusive. Superb blue wrens and scrub wrens regularly visit morning coffee and "Happy Hour" and will readily sit on your finger for a bit of cheese. Most animals seem very relaxed with naturists around. A list of bird species sighted on the property is available.
Mother & Joey
Echidna checking out the garden
Young wombat on the lawn
Female Superb Blue wren
Who's pinching my fruit?
Mr & Mrs Wren
Male Superb Blue wren
Mother seal
Baby enjoying the beach
Southern Right whale & calf