The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is the hub of Sunland.
This is where we meet for morning coffee, "happy hour", meet ups for games of golf, petanque, tennis all the activities for those who wish to partake.
In the evenings we have games nights, quiz nights, bingo nights, sing along nights or just dance the night away playing music, a game of left, right, centre is always fun and a great ice breaker. No experience for any of the games is needed, we think of them as ice breakers and friend makers (though sometimes we do play for sheep stations).
We have shared meals and the BBQ area is at the clubhouse also.
If the nights get cool, then we can have an open fire in the clubhouse which gives everyone a great homely feel, but be warned drinks flow and time flies when your having fun.
We often have bonfires when the weather and restrictions permit, toasted marshmellows or an invention we have not mastered yet is ice cream cones filled with marshmellows and chocolate drops yummy (the bonfires are not in the clubhouse, but we do end the night in the clubhouse).

Table Tennis in the Clubhouse

Kitchen in the Clubhouse

Chill out in the Clubhouse

Outside the Clubhouse