Naturism FAQ


Definition from the philosophy of the
International Naturist Federation
"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature and is characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment".

At Sunland we encourage all guests to follow this philosophy because Sunland was developed to blend in with the natural environment as closely as possible. We also consider that naturists are people who wear clothes when forced to, not people who undress when forced to.

Quote from a former president of the Central Council For British Naturism:
"I think the two daftest things in the world are wars and wearing clothes for swimming"

Sunland is a nudist resort. All campers and visitors are expected to participate when conditions are suitable. Obviously common sense and precautions regarding the sun and cold must apply. If you are new to the naturist way of life, you will be given a day or two to acclimatise.
Clothing is optional for CHILDREN ONLY except for specific activities. e.g. spa pool
Where is the best place to go for my first public nudist experience ?
Public places tend to attract undesirable types that can be offputting for a first time nudist, whereas a resort or club has control of the type of people entering, with rules to ensure all visitors can enjoy their stay. You will find clubs & resorts more friendly & welcoming. Some people may prefer the anonymity of a public nudist beach where they can hide in the crowd or if it is a quiet day on the beach you can find some space away from others & feel less intimidated. Many people 'Try before they Buy' by visiting a nudist venue in the cooler months when it's quiet to get used to the idea.
How do I introduce my partner into nudism ?
It is better to be honest & tell your partner how you feel about enjoying the nudist lifestyle without pushing your feelings on them. Pushing your partner on the issue will most times make them less likely to accept you being a nudist. If you openly discuss it with them you may even encourage them to try it as well. Letting your partner know that it is not a sexual thing & you do not need to be a perfect physical specimen to be a nudist will help them to understand. Start by being nude around the house & even outside the house if you have a private back yard. Then if your partner accepts this, they may then become curious. You can try suggesting visiting a nudist beach or resort. We often get couples with the male being happy to be nude, but the female partner is shy / reluctant. This is fine, your partner can take their time to feel comfortable & remove their clothes when they are ready – there is no pressure. Having said that we aren't a clothing optional resort, we only accept visitors who are genuinely interested in the nudist lifestyle.
But I don't look good enough !
This question becomes irrelevant when you choose to be a nudist. The way you look, your disabilities, scars, size, colour, nationality, pregnancy anything else is irrelevant, it is the person on the inside that is important as a nudist. Naturism is about accepting people for who they are no matter how they look. We get people all shapes, sizes, ages from 0 to 90 year olds – most are your average looking people you would see in the street, not models. It also comes back to accepting yourself the way you look, there is no point worrying about your appearance, nudists just accept themselves the way they are & do not bother how they look or how others look. Being a nudist is about acceptance & spending unpretentious time relaxing with other like-minded nudists. Once people join in the nudist lifestyle they become much less self-conscious & improve their self-esteem without the need to hide behind their trendy expensive designer label clothes.
Am I too old / young ?
You are never too young or old. We get people of all ages . It is great to see people in their teen's sitting around chatting with people in their 70's. Age seems less important in a naturist environment.
Will I encounter discrimination ?
At Sunland we don't discriminate against people for their race, age, sex, shape, relationship status, sexual orientation. Everybody is equal. You will find most nudists are very accepting & friendly. Everybody's equal as nudists without clothes to hide behind or to set us apart from others.
What happens if I get an erection ?
This is one of the more common concerns of the first time male nudist making them feel very nervous about their first visit. An erection is not normally an issue in a nudist environment. Being a nudist is about being nude, it is not a sexual activity. If it is for sexual reasons you wish to visit a nudist resort or club then I suggest you do not go, as you will be very quickly noticed & asked to leave. If you are expecting it to be a sexual experience visiting a nudist resort or club then you are going there for the wrong reason & you will quickly realise that is not what it is all about. If an erection does occur you can leave the presence of others until it settles down, lie on your stomach, carry a towel & cover yourself, even take a cold shower or go for a swim - that usually fixes it pretty quick. A towel over the shoulder is a handy covering to avoid embarrassment. If you walk around with an erection you will most likely be asked to leave immediately. Erections are rarely a problem & once you have been to a nudist resort or club a few times you will realise it is not really an issue and almost never occurs.
What happens in winter when it is cold ?
We are nudists, not stupid. We are the best dressed nudists in Winter. Winter time is usually quiet here since the weather tends to put people off especially nudists which is a pity really because it can be very enjoyable here in winter outside & with the wood fire in the recreation room making it cosy & warm enough to be nude even if it is freezing outside.
What will happen upon arrival ?
When you arrive you will see a bell at the boomgate. Once you press the bell one of us will greet you at the gate, sign you in at the office. We'll give you a map and information sheet then take you on a tour of the camp ground and show you where you are staying. Its a good time for you to have all your questions answered and we'll introduce you to other guest that we meet on the way.
Where & when do I take my clothes off ?
In your room, at your vehicle, in your tent or van as soon as your ready & comfortable to do so.
What do I need to bring ?
You need to bring your own food, drinks, and personal items. Alcohol is permitted in moderation. A towel is essential for sitting on chairs for hygiene reasons. A torch is very helpful on dark moonless nights. Personal insect repellant is a good idea as we get midges at dusk for about an hour.
Is our dog welcome ?
We are dog friendly at Sunland and have a dog ourselves (Jezebel). We do have a few rules though to make sure that everyone is happy. We ask that you pick up after your dog, always keep them on a lead in camp, they can run about in the dunes, walking trails or on the beach as long as they aren't annoying anyone. It is important that they don't bark incessantly as it spoils other peoples holiday. We have lots of wildlife here at Sunland so we ask that you don't let your dog chase them.
What are the rules at Sunland ?
We have very few rules or regulations, basically it all comes back to respecting others & not offending others, if everyone does this then there are no problems & everybody is happy. Please take time & read the Guest Information.
Is Nudity Compulsory ?
We aren't a clothing optional resort but we are clothing tolerant. The difference being that in clothing optional resorts you may find that you are the only nudist there. By being clothing tolerant we do not strictly enforce nudity, just encourage it, so being nude is not compulsory, but we do encourage those that are uncertain & new to the nudist lifestyle to join in & be nude, as they feel comfortable to do so. On some occasions one half of a couple may be struggling with the concept of being nude publicly and we are happy to give plenty of leeway in this situation. We have some couples where the husband is happy to be nude but the wife is not & remains clothed. We do not have a problem with that at all as long as people are here for genuine reasons & to enjoy the lifestyle. We keep in mind with the risk of skin cancer, covering up in the sun is necessary. If after a day or two visitors are clearly not comfortable with being nude & unwilling to be nude at all then management may discuss the issue with them & whether they feel that this is the right environment for their holiday.
Is there a shop to buy supplies ?
We do have very limited supplies in Summer for when you get caught short of the basics. Bread, milk, sausages, bacon, eggs,cans of soft drink, icecreams are about it. All food & drinks must be brought with you or can be purchased in Robe. We do not have EFPOS & do not accept credit cards. We only accept cash in the shop.
Is physical contact acceptable - i.e. touching, hugging etc ?
The same socially acceptable rules apply in a nudist environment as in a clothed setting - i.e. you would not have sexual contact in public, but non-sexual physical contact in the presence of other nudists is perfectly acceptable. Sexual contact and/or activity is not tolerated in the company of other nudists, this would offend most nudists. What happens in the privacy of your own room is your own business as long as you do not embarrass other guests. Non-sexual physical contact & hugging is perfectly acceptable in the presence of other nudists.
Does Sunland cater to swingers ?
Sunland is not a swinger’s venue. Open swinging or any sexual activity is not permitted at Sunland. Sunland is a family resort where children can play / stay in a safe & harmless environment without fear. Obviously what people choose to do behind closed doors in private is their own business, but open / obvious sexual activity or flirting in front of other guests is not permitted. Propositioning/inviting other guests to join in sexual activities is not acceptable and is usually reported by the offended guest resulting in the offenders being asked to leave.